Cellar, attic, and garage clearance Prague

If you are the owner of an overcrowded cellar, a garage packed to the ceiling, or an attic filled with items, you will surely appreciate the helping hand our strong colleagues can provide to help clear these spaces. We have assisted dozens of satisfied customers who were struggling with the challenging task of disposing of accumulated waste, which not only took a toll on them physically but also mentally. Simplify your task and leave it to us; thanks to our gathered experience, clearing basements in Prague is a breeze for us.


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Efficient Clearance of Basements in Prague, Attics, and Garages

Imagine having to embark on a challenging journey to a clean and tidy garage, cellar, or attic all by yourself. It’s not just about carrying the “clutter” outside the house. First, you need to figure out where to take the cleared items for environmentally friendly disposal. You also need to rent a suitably sized vehicle that can accommodate as much waste as possible (ideally all of it), as repeated trips to the recycling center will increase your travel costs. Clearing basements, attics, and garages also involves preparing for the removal of heavy furniture and old appliances, as well as cleaning up the resulting mess. We have all of this under control and know how to efficiently and quickly clear your spaces.

Two pairs of skilled hands will easily handle the clearance

Our team consists of skilled and strong individuals who work according to a pre-prepared plan, their work comes naturally to them, and there are no time delays. Clearing basements, attics, and garages is done with respect for the items involved and with consideration for their potential sentimental value.


Physically demanding work is our daily bread

When clearing basements in Prague, garages, or attics, it often involves heavy pieces of furniture, non-functional forgotten appliances, piles of old clothes and linens, or construction materials. In any case, it is always physically demanding work that would be a punishment for one person. Not only do you have to carry bulky “waste” through narrow hallways and doors to the sidewalk, but you also have to load it into a truck that will take it to the landfill. Handling it is endless and time-consuming, but we always work as a team, so the job goes smoothly for us.

The smaller the volume, the better.

We try to disassemble all the furniture down to the last screw to take up as little space as possible in the truck’s cargo area. For example, a bulky wardrobe that we disassemble into individual boards takes up much less space than when it’s crammed into the truck. We don’t just disassemble things for one reason; the second reason is the total volume of the “waste” that you will pay for. So, we save not only space but also your money.

Awkward and bulky waste is not a problem for us

Do you need to clear out piles of old clothes that have landed on your attic? Are you wondering what to do with old beddings or rusty and non-functional tools? We also have a supply of bags into which we put small and poorly storable items that need to be disposed of.

We emphasize environmentally friendly waste disposal

We’re not a group that just tosses a mix of substances, papers, and beer cans into bags. We try to sort all waste to ensure its disposal at the recycling center or landfill is environmentally friendly. We also know which piece of furniture is past its prime and which one could still be sold. Which household appliance has become more of an energy guzzler than a kitchen helper and rightly ended up gathering dust somewhere in the corner of the garage or cellar.


Within 24 hours of sending clearance information

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We offer comprehensive services for clearing in Prague and the surrounding area.

We also specialize in house clearances. We provide the removal of old and unused items to landfills or recycling centers. You can rely on our workers; they are polite and have years of experience in clearance and waste disposal. We understand that some items may have sentimental value, and we will discuss everything with you before starting the work. We are also happy to prepare the house for sale or moving after the clearance.

Progress of clearing cellars in Prague, attics, and garages

If you’ve decided to deal with the accumulated items in your garage, cellar, or attic, we are ready to get started and come to your address with our strong team. However, before the actual clearance, it is necessary to have a phone or written agreement not only about the spaces to be cleared but also about the date and, most importantly, the total price.

Contact us

Do you prefer a quick arrangement and immediate answers to your questions? Then give us a call at the phone number provided on our website. Our colleagues will ask you questions that will help us better estimate the final amount for clearing cellars in Prague, garages, or attics. They will provide you with the price at the end of the call. If you like everything in writing, feel free to fill out our prepared form. You can also attach photos of the space we will be clearing to give us a more accurate idea of the overall volume of items that need to be removed and taken to the landfill or recycling center. In the case of written arrangements, we will contact you with the price for clearing within one hour.

The price of clearing cellars, attics, and garages in Prague

What is the estimated price based on? The sole indicator we follow is the total volume of waste in m³ (cubic meters). For example, if it is rubble, we have a different price threshold for it because it is demanding and differently disposed of waste than what we commonly encounter. The maximum estimated price is also the highest amount you will pay after completing all the work. If, in the end, we remove more waste than we estimated, we will not charge you for it and increase the predetermined upper limit – we take it upon ourselves.

No surcharges for challenging conditions

With us, you don’t have to worry about us charging you for very heavy pieces of furniture or appliances. When clearing cellars in Prague, attics, and garages, we also take into account the unpleasant amount of stairs we will have to climb – don’t expect any additional charges on the invoice for those either. You will also avoid charges for the number of used bags for small waste.


We have an individual approach to the customer, we will advise you how to save money, we follow our rules and we always fulfill what we agree on.

We'll be there
on time

We will arrange a common date and guarantee timely arrival.

Respecting the environment

When clearing out, we are mindful of good neighbourly relations and always try to make as little noise as possible.

We will advise you how to save

We will advise you on how to save money when disposing of waste to make the clearance as cost-effective as possible.

We work in the Czech Republic

We specialize in clearing in Prague and its surroundings. However, we will be happy to make arrangements with you and provide our services throughout the Czech Republic.

We work
every day 24/7

We will be happy to arrange any date with you. We are flexible. We can do some work overnight.

Clearing the cellar in Prague, attic, or garage is here

According to the agreed-upon date, we will arrive on time so as not to waste precious minutes. First, we will go through the spaces together and make a list of items that will go with us to the landfill and those that will stay in place. We will secure stairs or an elevator to prevent damage and finally, we will start clearing the cellar in Prague, attic, or garage. We will disassemble all the bulky waste into smaller pieces and load the rest into bags in the car. You can be with us throughout the entire clearing process, monitoring the entire process, or come when it’s done to save time and nerves.

Clearing the space doesn't end with us

Once we clear all the designated items from the cellar, attic, or garage, it’s time for the final cleanup. First, we will restore the stairs, elevator, and other objects that we initially secured from damage, and then we will start cleaning up the mess. All the work, including the cleaning, is already included in the clearing price.

Payment for the work done

After completing the clearing of the cellar in Prague, garage, or attic, it’s time to make payment for the work done by our skilled team. You can pay us in cash, by card, or via bank transfer. We will send the paid invoice to your email.

With us, you can make it even easier

Since this work is our daily routine and poses no difficulty for us, we have decided to help you a little more. For clearing cellars in Prague, attics, and garages, we also offer extra cleaning that will prepare your spaces for sale. Are you planning to make shelves for preserves in a clean cellar, park a polished car in the garage, or use the attic for drying laundry? We will repair and paint all the spaces to make them ready for your new purpose. We also perform disinfection against biological pests and chemical contamination. Together, we can handle everything in one go.


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