Clearance and disposal of asbestos in Prague

Have you acquired an old property and discovered an unpleasant surprise - after removing the roof covering, you found old asbestos-cement sheets that are harmful to health, and you don't know what to do with them? Are you living in a house with an asbestos roof, and you plan to take a step in the right direction? Our team of skilled colleagues, for whom asbestos removal and disposal in Prague is a daily routine, has already helped hundreds of satisfied customers. We will safely remove and transport the asbestos-cement sheets to a landfill or recycling center, whose employees know how to handle highly hazardous waste.


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Safe asbestos disposal in Prague

Eternit sheets were used for roofing construction for an entire century before they were banned from further production and sale due to several health tests. But where does asbestos actually come from, and why is it so hazardous to human health?

Over a century of glory

The first asbestos-cement sheet saw the light of day at the end of the 19th century and was created by mixing a mixture of 90% cement and 10% asbestos fibers. Over the years, it was widely used and enjoyed great popularity thanks to its durable properties – asbestos-cement sheets could withstand strong fires, water, and harsh weather conditions. Unfortunately, due to these attractive qualities, there was a lack of consideration for human health and the impact of their installation on the roof of a house. The production and use of asbestos-cement sheets were only banned by law in 1999. Since 2004, the Czech Republic has also been obliged to adhere to European Union laws that prohibit asbestos trading in all member countries.

Health Impact of Asbestos-Cement Sheets on Human Health

While it may seem that such a small amount of asbestos fibers cannot have any impact on human health, the opposite is true. Even with minimal damage to the sheet, improper handling can release carcinogenic asbestos fibers into the air. We do not recommend cleaning it in any way, such as removing moss or using a high-pressure cleaner. Leave the removal or disposal of asbestos-cement sheets to us – we work diligently and with full consideration of all safety regulations.

Safe Asbestos-Cement Disposal in Prague with Respect

Our trained workers are equipped with respirators and safety suits that protect their health during the removal and disposal of asbestos-cement sheets. For transportation, we use impermeable packaging to ensure safety during handling and potential damage to individual sheets during transport to the recycling center or landfill. The removal and disposal of asbestos-cement sheets in Prague also entail responsibility for delivering them to a place where they can be properly managed while adhering to all regulations. We will provide you with confirmation of its safe disposal.

We're not afraid of small pieces of asbestos-cement either

For fragments and smaller pieces of asbestos-cement, we use the impermeable bags mentioned earlier to prevent asbestos from escaping into the air and to ensure the safety of both you and our workers. The removal and disposal of asbestos-cement in Prague take place under strict conditions – the sheets must not be broken, and it is prohibited to throw them during any work we perform to avoid dust and the escape of carcinogenic asbestos.


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We offer comprehensive services for clearing Prague and the surrounding area.

We also specialize in house clearance. We provide removal services for old and unused items to landfills or recycling centers. You can rely on our experienced and courteous workers who have years of experience in clearance and waste disposal. We understand that some items may hold sentimental value, and we will discuss everything with you before starting the work. We are also happy to prepare the house for sale or occupancy after the clearance.

How does asbestos clearance and disposal work in the area of Prague?

If you have decided on the safe disposal of asbestos-cement sheets and other products that contain asbestos, you are in the right place. Thanks to our accumulated experience, we know how to handle hazardous waste and where to dispose of it safely. Simply contact us and leave everything to us – hundreds of satisfied reviews speak for themselves.

Contact us

On our website, you will find a form that needs to be filled out, answering a few questions related to factors that will help us determine the price for clearing and the location where our work will take place. You can also attach photos to the form to give us a better idea of the overall quantity of asbestos-cement sheets that need to be cleared and disposed of. If you prefer to contact us by phone, that’s not a problem. Call the number provided on the website, and our capable colleagues will ask you the same questions as those mentioned in the form. It’s also helpful to mention if your property is located in a difficult-to-access area.

The price for the disposal and clearance of asbestos-cement sheets in Prague

The price is determined based on two indicators that influence the final cost either we calculate it based on square meters or the total weight of the waste, with one square meter of asbestos-cement sheet weighing approximately 15-20 kg. Handling and clearing asbestos-cement sheets in Prague is physically very demanding. However, we do not charge any additional fees for the work of our strong colleagues.



Forget about additional charges to the price for the clearance of asbestos-cement sheets in Prague

You don’t need to worry about an increase in the final amount for the clearance and disposal work. The maximum estimated price at the beginning of the day “D” will not be exceeded even if a larger quantity of sheets needs to be removed – we take a bad estimate of square meters in stride. Also, forget about surcharges for difficult terrain: there are no stairs to the roof, and a ladder needs to be used, the parking spot is a few meters away from the property, etc. When clearing asbestos-cement sheets in Prague, their subsequent disposal is included in the price.

When choosing the ideal date, we will adjust to your needs

Since we strive to accommodate every customer and meet your time constraints, our strong and skilled team also works on weekends. Some tasks can be done in the late hours of the night, but we always work with consideration for neighbors and aim to maintain peace and quiet as much as possible.


We have an individual approach to the customer, we will advise you how to save money, we follow our rules and we always fulfill what we agree on.

We'll be there
on time

We will arrange a common date and guarantee timely arrival.

Respecting the environment

When clearing out, we are mindful of good neighbourly relations and always try to make as little noise as possible.

We will advise you how to save

We will advise you on how to save money when disposing of waste to make the clearance as cost-effective as possible.

We work in the Czech Republic

We specialize in clearing in Prague and its surroundings. However, we will be happy to make arrangements with you and provide our services throughout the Czech Republic.

We work
every day 24/7

We will be happy to arrange any date with you. We are flexible. We can do some work overnight.

The day of the removal and disposal of asbestos-cement sheets in Prague is here

On the agreed-upon date, we will arrive at the location on time to make the most of every minute. Time is valuable to us because asbestos-cement sheet removal isn’t always straightforward and can be physically demanding. We will clarify the amount of waste that needs to be removed for safe disposal and put on protective gear, including respirators and protective suits. During the removal process, you are welcome to oversee our work, provided that you respect all safety regulations, which we strictly adhere to when removing asbestos-cement sheets. Alternatively, you can save your precious time and come after all the tasks have been completed.


We provide professional final cleanup as part of our service

Because it doesn’t always have to be just the loading of asbestos-cement sheets, and sometimes it is necessary to dismantle them directly from the roof, it is important to clean up the mess afterwards. Once we complete the asbestos-cement sheet removal in Prague, we will proceed with the final cleanup and sweep the stairs clean.

Payment for the disposal and clearance of asbestos cement sheets in Prague

At the end of the day, it’s time to hand over the completed task into your hands and settle the payment for the work done. You can pay us either in cash, by card, or by bank transfer. In the case of additional services that we offer to each customer, the final amount will be increased by the agreed-upon amount for those services after prior discussion – these services may include painting rooms or minor repairs.

Make your job easier with us, not only when clearing asbestos-cement sheets in Prague

We offer you our bonus services that will save you time and a lot of nerves. Let our guys have a blast at your property. After clearing the sheets, we will also be happy to paint the rooms for you, repaint the rusty fence, or mow the garden. We will not only help you dispose of the dangerous carcinogenic material but also prepare the property completely for sale.

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