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Turn to our experienced team of strong men who will carry out the clearance of commercial spaces in record time, so you don't have to restrict your business for an extended period. After all, time is money, and this especially applies to business. We work discreetly and respect all pre-established rules. We can easily clear a production hall, office spaces, a grocery store, an extensive warehouse, or a hairdressing salon with ease.


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For us, clearing commercial spaces in Prague is a breeze

Don’t pull your people out of operation due to the necessary cleanup of your production hall or cluttered warehouse. Order our services and continue with your business without unnecessary delays. Our colleagues are prepared for the challenging conditions that often arise during the clearing of commercial spaces in Prague. In many cases, it’s necessary to relocate heavy sales or storage racks, large machines from various manufacturing facilities, and more. However, we’ve gathered enough experience to know how to make the job easier for us, so clearing commercial spaces is a walk in the park. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and entrust us with the physically demanding and exhausting task of clearing your production hall or professional workshop.

We know where to take the waste

Since we’ve been in this industry for a while and have handled a variety of common and unusual waste materials, we know exactly where each type of waste belongs and where it can be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. When clearing commercial spaces in Prague, we often come across hazardous waste, such as chemical bottles, barrels filled with oil, or printer toner cartridges. Hazardous waste needs to be taken to recycling centers or disposal facilities capable of safely storing these materials until they can be properly disposed of.

We sort all waste

Our team has encountered many types of waste during our work, and we know how to handle them. Whether it’s at the recycling center or landfill, we can deal with every stuffed bag and all kinds of odds and ends. We want all waste to be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible, so we sort all office papers, old calendars, used pens, or plastic bags. We often bag up old debris or other construction waste as well.

We don't mind physically demanding work

When clearing commercial spaces in Prague, it’s always hard work that one person alone would hardly manage, and we can only guess how long it would take to successfully finish it. That’s why our clearing teams are armed with muscles and several pairs of hands that can clear an office or shop as quickly as possible so that your business is not interrupted for a long time. When clearing commercial spaces in Prague, we also take into account unfavorable conditions such as many high stairs or narrow corridors. Don’t worry, even that won’t stop us from empty and clean halls ready for the next project.

We save space, and therefore your money

We try to disassemble all the large and small furniture as much as possible to save space in the cargo space of the vehicle. Wide sales shelves take up much less space when we disassemble them into individual shelves and stack them on top of each other, rather than forcing them into the cargo vehicle and taking up much more space, which can be used for additional waste when disassembled. By disassembling the furniture into smaller volumes, we also save you money – with us, you pay for the total amount of waste removed in cubic meters.

We respect trade secrets

Because clearing commercial spaces in Prague can also involve the risk of coming across sensitive documents, we place great emphasis on maintaining discretion and respecting confidential information. We also offer our clients the option to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


Within 24 hours of sending clearance information

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We offer comprehensive services for clearing in Prague and the surrounding area.

We also specialize in house clearances. We provide the removal of old and unused items to the landfill or recycling center. You can rely on our workers; they are courteous and have years of experience in clearing and disposing of waste. We understand that some items may have sentimental value, and we will discuss everything with you before starting the work. We are also happy to prepare the house for sale or occupancy after the clearance.

The Process of Clearing Commercial Spaces in Prague Step by Step

Do you value your time and energy? Would you rather invest them in your business than in the laborious process of clearing commercial spaces? Then we’re here for you, ready to lend a helping hand on your journey to your new project. All you need to do is call us at the provided number, and our skilled operators will ask you for important information that not only determines the course of the clearance but also the final maximum price. If you prefer written communication, fill out our simple form, which contains essential questions. To specify the type of space you need to clear and the volume of “waste” to be removed, you can also attach photos to the form.

We will accommodate your time preferences

Our colleagues will arrange a time that suits you and will not disrupt your business at all or, at worst, minimally. Some tasks can also be performed at night, provided they do not disturb neighboring properties (houses, other facilities, etc.). We are available on weekends and will not charge you any fees for that. We will come to any address and will not increase the price for travel expenses.

Pricing estimate

Pricing is based on a single indicator, which is the total volume we will be clearing. This means that you will not be charged for any unnecessary fees for oversized furniture and heavy appliances. You can also forget about surcharges for challenging conditions – the office spaces are located in a building without an elevator, or you have too many stairs, etc. The number of bags used and the work of our employees are also included in the price of clearing commercial spaces in Prague. The maximum amount you will pay for our work is also the highest final price. You don’t have to worry that in case of a bad estimate of the total volume, we will increase the price at payment.


Time is valuable to us, just as it is to you.

Since we don’t like to waste time, if you choose to call us and arrange things over the phone, we will provide you with the estimated price for clearing commercial space in Prague at the end of the call.



We have an individual approach to the customer, we will advise you how to save money, we follow our rules and we always fulfill what we agree on.

We'll be there
on time

We will arrange a common date and guarantee timely arrival.

Respecting the environment

When clearing out, we are mindful of good neighbourly relations and always try to make as little noise as possible.

We will advise you how to save

We will advise you on how to save money when disposing of waste to make the clearance as cost-effective as possible.

We work in the Czech Republic

We specialize in clearing in Prague and its surroundings. However, we will be happy to make arrangements with you and provide our services throughout the Czech Republic.

We work
every day 24/7

We will be happy to arrange any date with you. We are flexible. We can do some work overnight.

The day of clearing in Prague is here

At the agreed-upon time, we will arrive at your address, and together, we will go through the list of items to be cleared and taken to the collection point. It’s good to inform our colleagues about any conditions that need to be respected, such as maintaining as much tranquility as possible, etc. Before the actual clearance, our colleagues will secure the elevator and stairs to prevent any damage during the work and will start moving furniture and other items that need to be removed. Upon completion, they will, of course, clean up any mess created during the clearance of the commercial space in Prague. You can be with us throughout the process, supervising our work, or come after the job is finished and everything is clean.

Reward for a job well done

Once our colleagues have completed the job of clearing commercial spaces, it’s time for their reward – they will ask you for payment. This can be done in cash, by card, or by bank transfer to our account. We will send you an invoice for payment to your email.

Make your work easier with our bonus services

We want to provide you with excellent service, including the option to come to a finished product. We are capable of completely repainting or repairing minor imperfections in your premises and preparing them for a new project. Considering selling it? Thanks to the clearance of commercial premises v Praze 1 and the offer of perfect cleaning, your existing premises will become a top player in the market. We’ll polish them down to the last detail and get them ready for a fresh start. We also handle the disinfection of all areas after chemical or biological contamination.

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