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Have you inherited an estate and need assistance with its clearance? In that case, we are here to help you. Clearing an estate after your loved ones can be a sad and emotionally challenging process, and we're here to assist you. Deal with the difficulty of the situation, and we will handle heavy furniture, bedding, and other items that need to be ecologically disposed of. Estate clearance in Prague has extended a helping hand to dozens of relatives who needed to clean up a property and prepare it for sale or for their own living.


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Eco-friendly estate clearance in Prague, not only for your wallet

As we have been operating in this field for some time now, we understand how difficult it can be for our clients to witness the handling of furniture and personal belongings of their loved ones. That’s why our employees are equipped with a large dose of empathy and treat the property with respect and in a manner that maintains the dignity of the situation. Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years, estate clearance is second nature to us, with no unnecessary delays.

We will save you both time and money

Clearing an estate in Prague can be time-consuming, especially in family homes. Often, when people attempt to do it themselves, they face the challenge of not knowing where to dispose of the generated waste. They may also lack a spacious vehicle to transport all the furniture, appliances, and bags of waste. In the end, the DIY approach can turn out to be much more expensive than hiring a professional company with extensive experience in handling these issues. Our employees will save you a lot of hassle with disposal work and the subsequent removal of waste.

Challenging estate clearing in Prague won't easily defeat us

In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is necessary to clear heavy and sturdy furniture, which is unsightly and weathered by the passage of time. Furniture must be disassembled or completely broken and carried through small corridors, up a few stairs, and squeezed through narrow doors to the outside. Here, its journey certainly does not end – it is necessary to load it into a car and take it to a place where it can be easily disposed of. Estate clearing also involves handling heavy appliances – refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. Often, electrical appliances are outdated and instead of household helpers, they become energy guzzlers. Therefore, it is better to dispose of them. But where should they go to ensure their disposal is environmentally friendly and doesn’t cost you more than a new appliance?

Collection points can accommodate appliances and worn-out furniture

Clearing an estate in Prague also involves transportation to a predetermined location, which ensures the ecological and safe disposal of non-functional appliances and old furniture that have served their purpose. Our strong employees will load heavy solid pieces onto the vehicle, such as worn-out armchairs or a dining table with visible glass marks. Often, this includes old mattresses and large wall units that need to be disassembled before clearing. Dealing with such physically demanding estate clearance is hardly manageable for one person.

We disassemble the furniture down to the last screw

Since we have limited space for disposing of old furniture and appliances at the disposal site, we try to disassemble all the furniture into the smallest pieces possible. For example, a king-sized bed is much easier to fit into our vehicle when it’s taken apart into individual boards rather than trying to cram it into the confined cargo space as a whole. This approach also frees up space that we can use for additional furniture and appliances.


We know how to deal with small accumulated waste

Older people often become “collectors” of various waste items – beverage cans, year-old newspapers, chipped and cracked dishes… The popular phrase “it might come in handy someday” can eventually lead you to complete madness. However, our employees are not phased by a few dysfunctional pens and stacks of completed crosswords. When clearing an estate v Praze 1, they automatically sort the accumulated items, which are intended to be thrown away into large bags and then taken to environmentally friendly disposal sites.


Within 24 hours of sending clearance information

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We are here for you
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We offer comprehensive services for clearing v Praze and the surrounding area.

We also specialize in house clearance. We provide the removal of old and unusable items to landfills or recycling centers. You can rely on our workers; they are polite and have years of experience in clearance and waste disposal. We understand that some items may have sentimental value, and we will discuss everything with you before starting the work. We are also ready to prepare the house for sale or occupancy after the clearance process.

We offer comprehensive services for clearing in Prague and the surrounding area

The first step to achieve the expected result is to fill out the online form on our website or arrange a phone call with one of our operators. Already during the initial contact, it is necessary to answer a few questions related to the clearing space. Our operators will then ask you for any additional information that has not been provided and is important for accurate pricing.

Our prices are transparent and fair

In the mentioned form, you will provide an approximate volume of the estate that needs to be cleared – our price is based on this single piece of information. You only pay for the amount of waste we take to the landfill or recycling center. Approximately within an hour of filling out the form, we will send you a price quote to your email for clearing the estate and disposing of the waste. In the case of a phone arrangement, we will provide you with the price promptly. For an even more precise estimate of the amount you will pay, you can also send us photos of the property being cleared.

No final price increases

You don’t have to worry about our company surprising you with a higher invoice after completing all the work and demanding fees for unexpected additional tasks. Our estimated price is final, and we can guarantee that it will not be exceeded.

Obstacles are not an additional item on our invoice for us

During the clearance of inheritance in Prague 4, it may happen that it’s an apartment without an elevator or a house with too many unnecessary stairs. Our strong guys will certainly handle heavy furniture even in challenging conditions.


We have an individual approach to the customer, we will advise you how to save money, we follow our rules and we always fulfill what we agree on.

We'll be there
on time

We will arrange a common date and guarantee timely arrival.

Respecting the environment

When clearing out, we are mindful of good neighbourly relations and always try to make as little noise as possible.

We will advise you how to save

We will advise you on how to save money when disposing of waste to make the clearance as cost-effective as possible.

We work in the Czech Republic

We specialize in clearing in Prague and its surroundings. However, we will be happy to make arrangements with you and provide our services throughout the Czech Republic.

We work
every day 24/7

We will be happy to arrange any date with you. We are flexible. We can do some work overnight.

The day of clearance in Prague is here

After prior arrangement, no later than three days after your call or online request, we will arrive at the location on the agreed-upon date, with no additional charges for transportation or travel. Saturdays and Sundays are not a problem for us, and we can work at any time that suits you (we can even perform tasks that won’t disrupt the surroundings at night). We need to go through the items that are intended for disposal and those that you want to keep. Then, our team will start the clearance process with consideration for the neighbors and the aim to maintain as much peace as possible in the house. They will gradually remove and pack up all the waste designated for disposal. You can be present during the work or arrive after the clearance of the estate is completed.

Of course, we also provide final cleaning as part of our services

After clearing the estate in Prague , our employees will also clean up the mess created during the removal of furniture, appliances, clothing, and bedding. They will sweep the stairs and, if necessary, tidy up the elevator, which will be covered in advance to prevent any damage during the estate clearance.

Estate clearance in Prague and the final payment

We will specify the maximum limit for the amount of waste to be removed before starting any work, as soon as we arrive at your pre-arranged address. After completing the estate clearance (including the option to arrange for painting or disinfection during the process), our colleagues will offer you payment in cash, by bank transfer, or by card using a terminal. We will send an invoice for the services provided to your email.


We will facilitate your work and organize the estate for you

It is possible to order painting of the premises or their disinfection with chemical agents in case of contamination or death of a relative inside a room. Estate clearance in Prague can also include a complete cleaning and preparation of the property for sale or immediate occupancy.

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