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Did you purchase a property that includes a garden in very poor condition? Are you planning to sell the land and need to clean it up? Then you've come to the right place. SOS Clearing will take care of all the necessary work to make the "grass greener" and the land more orderly. Hundreds of satisfied customers testify that we do our job conscientiously and well. Entrust us with your garden, and you'll be surprised at how great your property can look. You might even reconsider selling it.


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Physically demanding garden clearance in Prague

Often, properties come with extensive land where the effects of time are evident in several elements that are difficult to dismantle and put in order. When you imagine how much time and effort you’ll have to invest in renovating the garden to bring you joy again, many customers have second thoughts. However, we don’t mind this exhausting work, and we’re equipped with modern technology to help us achieve the desired results. Our team consists of strong, muscle-equipped guys who aren’t afraid of decaying grass or partially collapsed garden sheds.

We can handle various types of waste

From our gathered experience, we already know how to handle furniture, old garden tools, and where to take them for the most ecologically friendly disposal. Garden clearance in Prague also involves dealing with hazardous waste, which can sometimes be found on older gardens – this could be a tank with motor oil, various cleaning chemicals, an old car battery, and so on. On older gardens, we often come across metal waste forgotten in a corner, which is already covered with moss or decaying wood material that nature is reclaiming. All of this needs to be sorted and taken to a recycling center where they can properly handle these types of waste.

Free space in the cargo area is extremely valuable

Furniture disposal or the dismantling of the garden shed or cottage mentioned above is straightforward for us, thanks to our helpers who cut all the wood and metal into smaller pieces. Individual boards take up much less space in the cargo area of the car than if we were to break them down into smaller pieces – for example, we can easily stack the rotten wood from the shed into one pile in the corner of the car, creating space for other pieces of waste that need to be taken to the recycling center or landfill. When clearing gardens in Prague, we save not only space but also your money – you pay only for the total volume of waste removed.

Small waste doesn't pose a problem for us

In the garden, we often come across loose construction waste – rubble, partially broken bricks, or piles of sand. If it’s a reasonable amount, we’ll shovel it up, but for larger volumes, we’ll load it into a container and take it for eco-friendly disposal. Clearing gardens in Prague also involves handling non-compact and small waste forgotten in the shed – old rags, rusty tools, empty beer cans, etc. All of these easily fit into large bags.

For garden clearance in Prague, we use modern machinery and equipment

How many times do you need to cut up an old garden shed or dispose of a holey and rusty fence? For such cases, we carry a chainsaw, angle grinder, and other garden equipment in our car, thanks to which the work is easy for us. If you were to tackle the garden clearance on your own, just renting these quality helpers would cost you a lot. With us, all the work, including the use of garden equipment, is included in the price of garden clearance in Prague.


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We offer comprehensive services for clearing in Prague and the surrounding area.

We also specialize in house clearance. We provide removal services for old and unused items to landfills or recycling centers. You can rely on our experienced and courteous workers who have years of experience in clearance and waste disposal. We understand that some items may hold sentimental value, and we will discuss everything with you before starting the work. We are also happy to prepare the house for sale or occupancy after the clearance.

How does the garden clearance in Prague work?

If you have decided to take decisive action and turn your overgrown and non-functional garden back into an oasis of peace, we are happy to lend a helping hand. Do you need to prepare the garden for sale along with the house, and just the thought of it makes your hair stand on end? Don’t worry, our skilled team of strong men will not be daunted by any challenging work, and they will clean up and repair any property and its adjoining garden.

Phone or written agreement

You can contact us either by phone or by using the prepared form on our website. If you opt for a phone arrangement, it is necessary to provide us with the essential information without which garden clearance in Prague is not possible – this includes the address, a suitable date, and an approximate volume of waste. It’s also helpful to inform us about the terrain conditions we will encounter. It could be a garden on a slope or a challenging access road leading to your property. When using the form, the questions are pre-prepared, and you only need to fill them out. You can also attach photographs to the form, which will assist us in estimating the total volume of waste in cubic meters (m³).

We do not increase the price with any additional charges for difficult conditions

Our strong colleagues are ready for steep slopes, where the garden clearance in Ústí nad Labem will take place, or uneven terrain that needs to be leveled and prepared for further work on the property. We do not charge for the quantity of used bags or difficult access to your property. We may charge a different price, for example, for the removal of debris, but you will be informed about this during the initial contact.


We have an individual approach to the customer, we will advise you how to save money, we follow our rules and we always fulfill what we agree on.

We'll be there
on time

We will arrange a common date and guarantee timely arrival.

Respecting the environment

When clearing out, we are mindful of good neighbourly relations and always try to make as little noise as possible.

We will advise you how to save

We will advise you on how to save money when disposing of waste to make the clearance as cost-effective as possible.

We work in the Czech Republic

We specialize in clearing in Prague and its surroundings. However, we will be happy to make arrangements with you and provide our services throughout the Czech Republic.

We work
every day 24/7

We will be happy to arrange any date with you. We are flexible. We can do some work overnight.

The day of garden clearance in Ústí nad Labem

According to prior arrangement, we will arrive on-site on time to make the most of every possible minute. Often, we clear extensive properties for more than one day, and every moment is precious to us. Together, we will go through the parcel and make a list of items that need to be removed and disposed of, as well as those that will remain on-site. The clearance can be conducted either under your supervision, or you can enjoy a day off and come back to the finished job. If the garden clearance in Ústí nad Labem takes longer than expected due to unforeseen complications, you will be promptly informed. However, there’s no need to worry; our colleagues work efficiently and swiftly. Some tasks can also be performed at night, considering nearby neighbors and the nighttime quiet hours. After successfully clearing the garden, we will clean up and transport all the waste to a disposal site, where it will be environmentally managed.

Payment for the work done

The amount, which will be specified based on the volume of waste cleared, can be paid in cash, by card, or via a bank transfer to our account. We will send you the paid invoice via email.

We will help you prepare the property for sale or rent

During the process of clearing the gardens in Prague, you can also arrange additional services with us, which we offer to all our customers for an extra charge. Let our skilled guys repair the tool shed, repaint the peeling fence, or mow the garden for you. We’ll make the physically demanding and time-consuming task of preparing the property for sale much easier for you. Do you want to restore the overgrown garden to a pleasant condition that will encourage relaxation? We’ll not only help you clear it but also oil the rusty hinges, mend the damaged fence, and prepare the property for immediate use of garden furniture.

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